This summer the iVentures 10 program is lucky to have four talented teams with four very different and promising ideas.  This week we would like to share with you a little information about eMotion, founded by Avelo Roy and Ed Suda, one of our exciting teams for the summer.  eMotion is focused on creating a secure social networking site for tweens (girls between 8-14).  This idea revolves around the creation of a BFF<3Necklace, a heart shaped necklace that allows tweens to communicate with friends through a system of lights and vibrations.  Friends can sync necklaces with one another and send coded messages.  Users can also communicate on a website, which allows them to create their own faceplates and messages as well as chat with each other.  This is a unique way for tweens to be able to use social networking sites but in a safe monitored environment.  In addition, tweens can only communicate with friends who have synced their necklaces face to face, with eliminates any safety and privacy concerns.  eMotion has already  won many regional and national business plan competitions over the past few years which resulted in media attention from CNN Money, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle and Fresno Bee.  They are looking to develop their product even further this summer through iV10.

Below are some excerpts from an interview with Avelo Roy:

How did you hear about iVentures10

We won entrance into the program by winning the first place at the Northwestern University Entrepreneur Idol

What are you looking to get out of iVentures 10?

Investment in terms of money, connections and guidance

Describe your group dynamic

A devoted and diverse team of 4 fulltime people guided by a distinguished board of 7 advisors.

What are your goals after the 10 weeks in the program are over?

Go for production , Strengthen our distribution channel, Raise more money , Assemble sales force, Start implementing marketing strategy

What are you most looking forward to about this summer?

Building value for the company good enough to attract investment and key people who would help make this company a success story

Check out some articles about eMotion at the following links:





More updates on eMotion to follow all summer long!

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